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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six


Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six

Product description

Product description

The most revolutionary action/strategy game of its kind, nothing comes closer to offering an exciting combination of strategy, team-building, realistic three-dimensional graphics and true-to-life special forces action. The ultimate goal is to save yourself and the world from deadly terrorists. You must successfully complete 16 unique missions, plus eagle watch missions. If you fail, the game isn't over. The world is.


As first-person shooters go, Rainbow Six is to Dreamcast what GoldenEye 007 is to the Nintendo 64: the most innovative and intriguing title of its kind for the platform. Borrowed from Tom Clancy's novel of the same name, Rainbow Six offers a fascinating first-person adventure through lush worlds and highly detailed environments that have yet to be seen on gaming consoles. But don't stop to smell the roses too often or you'll end up staring down the business end of an oncoming Stinger missile.

You command an elite antiterrorism force through a series of stealth and action missions. Sometimes you will need to sneak through a foreign embassy in the dark with your night vision goggles on, while other times you'll need to launch a full-on weapons attack on your enemies. The game does both types of missions well, but you'll have to spend some time planning with your team before you start each level. Plotting out missions in advance and positioning team members lends a unique real-time strategy feel to the already excellent shooter aspect of the game.

As the team leader, you are solely responsible for making sure each mission goes well. Direct and protect your squad, save any hostages who might be hanging around, and accomplish your main mission objectives. The latter may include sabotage, simple spying, or even assassinations. Good luck. --Bill Hutchens


  • Perfect mix of first-person shooting and strategy
  • Complex environments
  • Foes boast realistic intelligence
  • No multiplayer support
  • Multiple objectives are sometimes overwhelming
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