$21 Pocono Metal Craft Boomerang 1" Lift Shackles Replacement for Je Automotive Replacement Parts Pocono Metal Craft Max 67% OFF Boomerang 1" Lift Shackles Replacement for Je goldenarcher.net,Je,Boomerang,Shackles,1",Replacement,Pocono,Metal,for,$21,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Craft,/monosyllable1307076.html,Lift goldenarcher.net,Je,Boomerang,Shackles,1",Replacement,Pocono,Metal,for,$21,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Craft,/monosyllable1307076.html,Lift Pocono Metal Craft Max 67% OFF Boomerang 1" Lift Shackles Replacement for Je $21 Pocono Metal Craft Boomerang 1" Lift Shackles Replacement for Je Automotive Replacement Parts

Pocono Metal Craft Max 64% OFF Max 67% OFF Boomerang 1

Pocono Metal Craft Boomerang 1" Lift Shackles Replacement for Je


Pocono Metal Craft Boomerang 1" Lift Shackles Replacement for Je

Product description

Boomerang shackles are a replacement for Jeep Wrangler years 1986-1995. 
You are buying a total of (4) shackles.
Enough to complete the front OR the rear of your vehicle.  
The outermost holes are 5 1/2" center to center which will give you 1" lift over stock.
No hardware included. 
Constructed of 1/4" hot rolled high carbon steel.
Easy bolt on installation.
This item will be delivered bare steel.

Pocono Metal Craft Boomerang 1" Lift Shackles Replacement for Je

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Barsony New Black Leather Flap Holster for 6" Revolvers

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