$22 Duracell 32 GB Class 4 Secure Digital Card DU-SD-32GB-R Electronics Computers Accessories Duracell 32 GB Class Popularity 4 DU-SD-32GB-R Digital Card Secure goldenarcher.net,/megaprosopous1097171.html,Duracell,Secure,4,DU-SD-32GB-R,$22,32,Electronics , Computers Accessories,GB,Digital,Class,Card goldenarcher.net,/megaprosopous1097171.html,Duracell,Secure,4,DU-SD-32GB-R,$22,32,Electronics , Computers Accessories,GB,Digital,Class,Card $22 Duracell 32 GB Class 4 Secure Digital Card DU-SD-32GB-R Electronics Computers Accessories Duracell 32 GB Class Popularity 4 DU-SD-32GB-R Digital Card Secure

Duracell 32 GB Class Arlington Mall Popularity 4 DU-SD-32GB-R Digital Card Secure

Duracell 32 GB Class 4 Secure Digital Card DU-SD-32GB-R


Duracell 32 GB Class 4 Secure Digital Card DU-SD-32GB-R

Product description

Product Description

Duracell 32 GB Secure Digital Card - class 4

From the Manufacturer

Duracell SDHC, At a Glance.

Duracell Flash Memory Cards are a complete and reliable line of memory cards in various formats and capacities that will allow you to store, move, manage, play or share your photos, music, video, data, and more.

Because with Duracell we understand that whether you are taking photos of your son’s birth, video recording your daughter’s first home run, carrying essential files half-way around the world or building your ultimate digital music library, IT JUST HAS TO WORK.

Duracell offers a complete line of high speed Class 4 SDHC cards and readers to meet the requirements for the most demanding mobile, photo and video needs.

Whether you are a mom, a professional or a student, Duracell is the right solution to fit your mobile, photo and video needs and the latest digital devices and their new specifications

Duracell SDHC card
Bonus contents

Duracell Class 4 SDHC Cards Features

  • Tested under the most extreme conditions
  • Fast transfer speeds Class 4: 4MB/s minimum write speed
  • Will fit the latest digital cameras and their new specifications
  • Compatible with both Mac and PC systems
  • Capacities 4 and 32 GB
  • 10 year warranty

Experience the wide range of possibilities for memory capture and flash capacity with Duracell SDHC Class 4 cards and devices that capture and retain life’s most important information, time and time again.

Why You Need It.

Duracell Standard Class 4 SDHC cards provide all the quality and dependability you’ve come to trust from Duracell, at a remarkable value.

Available in 4 and 8 GB capacity, you can stock up on these cost-effective cards and use them to organize your digital assets around time periods or special events. All Duracell Class 4 SDHC cards include a 10-year warranty.

Duracell SDHC card in packaging
USB capacity

JPEG: FINE Resolution. 128 kbs. 4 mins=4MB/Song. MP4: 720x480. MP4 HD: 1920x1080

The number of pictures will vary according to the resolution of the camera and the compression algorithms used. 1GB = approx. 1000 MB *1MB = approx. 1 million bytes. Accessible Capacity may be less. MicroSDHC and SDHC Warning *Please check that your electronic device supports the SDHC format (capacities 4GB and above).

Duracell 32 GB Class 4 Secure Digital Card DU-SD-32GB-R

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