Lens,A,FD,Canon,AT-1,Camera,Electronics , Camera Photo,f/1.8,50mm,With,35mm,/intellectually1097239.html,$101,goldenarcher.net Canon AT-1 ! Super beauty product restock quality top! 35mm Camera With A 1.8 50mm f FD Lens $101 Canon AT-1 35mm Camera With A 50mm f/1.8 FD Lens Electronics Camera Photo Canon AT-1 ! Super beauty product restock quality top! 35mm Camera With A 1.8 50mm f FD Lens Lens,A,FD,Canon,AT-1,Camera,Electronics , Camera Photo,f/1.8,50mm,With,35mm,/intellectually1097239.html,$101,goldenarcher.net $101 Canon AT-1 35mm Camera With A 50mm f/1.8 FD Lens Electronics Camera Photo

Canon AT-1 Super beauty Popular product restock quality top 35mm Camera With A 1.8 50mm f FD Lens

Canon AT-1 35mm Camera With A 50mm f/1.8 FD Lens


Canon AT-1 35mm Camera With A 50mm f/1.8 FD Lens

Product description

The Canon AT-1 is a 35mm FD-mount single-lens reflex camera from December 1977. It was produced purely for export and was never sold in the home Japanese market. It was a version of the popular AE-1 but without the shutter-speed priority auto-exposure mode of that camera. The AT-1 featured manual exposure only. This made the camera cheaper, as some consumers did not desire or require auto exposure and did not want to pay for it.

Canon AT-1 35mm Camera With A 50mm f/1.8 FD Lens

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The power of mapping, locationing and actionable intelligence for smarter, safer, more secure environments

Leverage the Dimension of Location to Build Smarter Indoor Solutions

Inpixon’s comprehensive Indoor Intelligence platform provides organizations with the tools to ingest, interpret, and integrate data with indoor maps. With a range of dynamic, scalable solutions encompassing indoor mapping, analytics, security and indoor positioning, our technology empowers you to create impactful tailored solutions across your organization. Start harnessing the power of your indoor data today with Inpixon.

Inpixon's Indoor Intelligence Platform

Indoor Mapping

Create smart indoor experiences with industry-leading maps. Incorporate geospatially accurate maps into your applications and create tailored experiences for different types of users. Dynamic, layer-based maps allow you to power a multitude of location-based use cases and integrate your indoor and third-party data for enhanced data visualization and business rule automation.

Indoor Positioning

Make indoor spaces discoverable using Inpixon’s award-winning sensor technology or by leveraging your existing infrastructure. Leverage indoor positioning to create smart indoor spaces with location awareness and accurately pinpoint the location of people or assets inside a building using smartphones, mobile devices, tracking tags or other devices.

Indoor Security

Security that sees the unseen within your facilities. Cultivate situational awareness to detect rogue devices and wireless access points in your buildings with Inpixon’s wireless device detection technology. Integrate with leading Mobile Device Management (MDM) systems to enforce no-phone zones, keeping your data, organization, and employees safe while reducing risk.

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Reveal the untold stories of your indoor spaces. Leverage advanced indoor analytics to gain invaluable insights into how visitors and employees interact with your buildings. Uncover trends and optimize your operations, find efficiencies, and drive additional revenue. Inpixon’s robust predictive analytics empower you to forecast more accurately and maximize space utilization.

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Flexible Solutions

Empower your development teams to build exceptional location-aware applications with Inpixon’s robust SDKs, APIs, and web-based CMS. Our highly configurable platform provides the security, extensibility and versatility to meet your current and future needs.

Industry Leaders

Leverage Inpixon’s suite of award-winning, enterprise-grade technology and wealth of indoor intelligence expertise. Our team of experienced solution engineers and location technology experts have been leading the industry for more than a decade.

Powerful Integrations

The Inpixon platform architecture and open APIs enable you to maximize your investment with interoperability, allowing for seamless integration with other systems and applications, increasing the reach, flexibility and power of your indoor solutions. 

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