f,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Set,/incandent1307248.html,8mm,Ignition,of,AutoPart,6,,$21,Plug,Set,,T,Spark,goldenarcher.net,ST-6115,Wire $21 AutoPart T ST-6115 8mm Ignition Spark Plug Wire Set, Set of 6, f Automotive Replacement Parts $21 AutoPart T ST-6115 8mm Ignition Spark Plug Wire Set, Set of 6, f Automotive Replacement Parts AutoPart T ST-6115 8mm Ignition Max 89% OFF Spark f 6 Plug Wire of Set AutoPart T ST-6115 8mm Ignition Max 89% OFF Spark f 6 Plug Wire of Set f,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Set,/incandent1307248.html,8mm,Ignition,of,AutoPart,6,,$21,Plug,Set,,T,Spark,goldenarcher.net,ST-6115,Wire

AutoPart T ST-6115 8mm Ignition Max 89% OFF Spark f 6 Plug Ranking TOP15 Wire of Set

AutoPart T ST-6115 8mm Ignition Spark Plug Wire Set, Set of 6, f


AutoPart T ST-6115 8mm Ignition Spark Plug Wire Set, Set of 6, f

Product description

【Buy with Confidence】1 year limited warranty. Any problem, we will resolve in 24h (refund/ replace/ offer technical support).

*Condition:100% New construction
* Diameter (mm): 8.00mm
* Engine Type: V6 4.0L 245cid
* Wire Color: Black
* Distributor Boot and Spark Plug Boot Material: Silicone
* Quantity: Sold as a set.
*Product fit :Ready for Install Straight out of the box

2002- 2004 Ford Explorer, V6, 4.0L, 245cid
2001- 2005 Mercury Mountaineer, V6, 4.0L, 245cid

If this part number Ignition Wire Set doesn't fit your vehicle: pls try to find the proper one by visiting our store on Amazon - www.amazon.com/shops/AZ88LCF8ZZ9NX , and search your 'year make model +Wheel Bearing Assembly' in it or email us with your vehicle information, vin#, so we may find the proper one for you.

AutoPart T ST-6115 8mm Ignition Spark Plug Wire Set, Set of 6, f

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