/incandent1097348.html,Dining,Ottoman,Home Kitchen , Furniture,5-Piece,with,Set,goldenarcher.net,(Natura,Dexter,Storage,Mainstays,$183 $183 Dining Mainstays 5-Piece Dexter Set with Storage Ottoman (Natura Home Kitchen Furniture $183 Dining Mainstays 5-Piece Dexter Set with Storage Ottoman (Natura Home Kitchen Furniture Dining Mainstays Super special price 5-Piece Dexter Set Natura with Ottoman Storage /incandent1097348.html,Dining,Ottoman,Home Kitchen , Furniture,5-Piece,with,Set,goldenarcher.net,(Natura,Dexter,Storage,Mainstays,$183 Dining Mainstays Super special price 5-Piece Dexter Set Natura with Ottoman Storage

Dining Mainstays Super special Same day shipping price 5-Piece Dexter Set Natura with Ottoman Storage

Dining Mainstays 5-Piece Dexter Set with Storage Ottoman (Natura


Dining Mainstays 5-Piece Dexter Set with Storage Ottoman (Natura

Product description

Color:Natural Brown

Creating a distinct look perfect for small homes, apartments, condos and more, the Mainstays 5-Piece Dexter Dining Set features a square table and four stools. With a reclaimed, gray finish, this compact dining set blends with almost any decor. Each one of the four included stools is crafted with a faux leather covered foam seat in an elegant shade of black and functions as a storage ottoman perfect for tablecloths, placemats, other table accessories, and more. The Mainstays 5-Piece Dexter Dining is durably constructed of laminated MDF for a long life in your eat-in kitchen, breakfast room, sunroom, or anywhere else you would like to add a functional dining set to welcome your family and guests to the table.

Dining Mainstays 5-Piece Dexter Set with Storage Ottoman (Natura

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