$111 Sirio WY400-6N UHF 400-470 MHz Base Station 6 Element Yagi Anten Electronics Portable Audio Video Sirio WY400-6N Max 44% OFF UHF 400-470 MHz Base Yagi Station Anten 6 Element Sirio WY400-6N Max 44% OFF UHF 400-470 MHz Base Yagi Station Anten 6 Element Yagi,Element,Anten,400-470,$111,Sirio,Electronics , Portable Audio Video,MHz,UHF,goldenarcher.net,/implicitly1530591.html,WY400-6N,Base,Station,6 $111 Sirio WY400-6N UHF 400-470 MHz Base Station 6 Element Yagi Anten Electronics Portable Audio Video Yagi,Element,Anten,400-470,$111,Sirio,Electronics , Portable Audio Video,MHz,UHF,goldenarcher.net,/implicitly1530591.html,WY400-6N,Base,Station,6

Sirio WY400-6N Max 44% OFF Credence UHF 400-470 MHz Base Yagi Station Anten 6 Element

Sirio WY400-6N UHF 400-470 MHz Base Station 6 Element Yagi Anten


Sirio WY400-6N UHF 400-470 MHz Base Station 6 Element Yagi Anten

Product description

Base station antenna conceived by using an innovative feed system studied and applied to have highly symmetrical radiation pattern in both planes (E and H). It’s completely computer designed to get high performances of gain and front-to-back in the working band. All aluminium parts are protected by anodized treatment, hardware are of Stainless steel or zinc plated steel, mounting bracket is of extruded aluminium for the best strength and the connector is placed in rear position for an easily access. To increase the antenna gain please install it in stacked or bayed array.

Sirio WY400-6N UHF 400-470 MHz Base Station 6 Element Yagi Anten

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