BOWERY Max 84% OFF HILL Extendable Counter Height in Table Dining Chestnut /implicitly1352991.html,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Dining,Table,$420,Chestnut,HILL,,BOWERY,Counter,in,Height,Extendable BOWERY Max 84% OFF HILL Extendable Counter Height in Table Dining Chestnut /implicitly1352991.html,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Dining,Table,$420,Chestnut,HILL,,BOWERY,Counter,in,Height,Extendable $420 BOWERY HILL Extendable Counter Height Dining Table in Chestnut Home Kitchen Furniture $420 BOWERY HILL Extendable Counter Height Dining Table in Chestnut Home Kitchen Furniture

BOWERY Max 84% OFF HILL Time sale Extendable Counter Height in Table Dining Chestnut

BOWERY HILL Extendable Counter Height Dining Table in Chestnut


BOWERY HILL Extendable Counter Height Dining Table in Chestnut

Product description

This dining table features 18" extension leaf for added space when needed. Oval table top invites intimate conversation over dinner or dessert. Base features top shelf and inner storage shelf so you're always prepared. Complete the set with matching chairs finished in light chestnut and espresso.


Finish: Light Chestnut and Espresso
Material: Asian Hardwood, Cherry Veneer, MDF, Plywood
Base Leveler / Plastic Glide: No
Leaf Lock Type: Brass plated table lock
Shape: Round
Style: Casual
Pattern: Solid


Overall Product Dimensions: 36" H x 42" W x 42" D
Overall Product Weight: 125 lbs
Weight Limit: 300 lbs

BOWERY HILL Extendable Counter Height Dining Table in Chestnut

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