Dell Inspiron E1405 Laptop Intel Core Duo Cache 2MB Portland Mall 667 1.66GHz $0 Dell Inspiron E1405 Laptop (Intel Core Duo 2MB Cache/1.66GHz/667 Electronics Computers Accessories Dell Inspiron E1405 Laptop Intel Core Duo Cache 2MB Portland Mall 667 1.66GHz Electronics , Computers Accessories,Cache/1.66GHz/667,Core,E1405,2MB,$0,Inspiron,Duo,Dell,,Laptop,/implicitly1306591.html,(Intel Electronics , Computers Accessories,Cache/1.66GHz/667,Core,E1405,2MB,$0,Inspiron,Duo,Dell,,Laptop,/implicitly1306591.html,(Intel $0 Dell Inspiron E1405 Laptop (Intel Core Duo 2MB Cache/1.66GHz/667 Electronics Computers Accessories

Dell Inspiron E1405 Laptop Intel Core Duo Cache 2MB Portland Attention brand Mall 667 1.66GHz

Dell Inspiron E1405 Laptop (Intel Core Duo 2MB Cache/1.66GHz/667


Dell Inspiron E1405 Laptop (Intel Core Duo 2MB Cache/1.66GHz/667

Product description

The Inspiron E1405 offers the versatility of a notebook with screen size benefits of a desktop-like product. Sporting Intel's Core Duo, integrated wireless technology, memory card reader and Media Direct, it is the ideal balance of performance and productivity.

Dell Inspiron E1405 Laptop (Intel Core Duo 2MB Cache/1.66GHz/667

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