3512-04,/implicitly1097591.html,Audio,goldenarcher.net,3500,MTX,Series,Electronics , Car Vehicle Electronics,$70,Subwoofer MTX Audio 3512-04 Series 3500 Large-scale sale Subwoofer 3512-04,/implicitly1097591.html,Audio,goldenarcher.net,3500,MTX,Series,Electronics , Car Vehicle Electronics,$70,Subwoofer MTX Audio 3512-04 Series 3500 Large-scale sale Subwoofer $70 MTX Audio 3512-04 3500 Series Subwoofer Electronics Car Vehicle Electronics $70 MTX Audio 3512-04 3500 Series Subwoofer Electronics Car Vehicle Electronics

MTX Audio 3512-04 Series 3500 Large-scale Price reduction sale Subwoofer

MTX Audio 3512-04 3500 Series Subwoofer


MTX Audio 3512-04 3500 Series Subwoofer

Product description

Size:MTX 12" 35 Series 4ohm 250 Watt RMS Subwoofer

Back by popular demand. The improved 3500 series is back with improvements in the voice coil, power handling and cosmetics. The 3500 woofers deliver an expensive sounding boom without the price tag. The stitched cone and high temp voice coil ensure your investment or years while telling you friends "Hey look over here!".

MTX Audio 3512-04 3500 Series Subwoofer

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