Rug,$61,Fe,Accents,Santa,Rustic,Wooden,-,/germinally1380188.html,,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,(36in),Hanger Rustic High quality new Wooden Rug Hanger - Santa Accents Fe 36in $61 Rustic Wooden Rug Hanger - Santa Fe Accents (36in) Home Kitchen Home Décor Products $61 Rustic Wooden Rug Hanger - Santa Fe Accents (36in) Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Rustic High quality new Wooden Rug Hanger - Santa Accents Fe 36in Rug,$61,Fe,Accents,Santa,Rustic,Wooden,-,/germinally1380188.html,,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,(36in),Hanger

Rustic High quality new Seasonal Wrap Introduction Wooden Rug Hanger - Santa Accents Fe 36in

Rustic Wooden Rug Hanger - Santa Fe Accents (36in)


Rustic Wooden Rug Hanger - Santa Fe Accents (36in)

Product description


The rug hanger is designed to safely and securely clamp the top edge of your rug. The simple rug hanger is adorned with a rustic metal accent. Metal tooth hanger(s) are mounted on the back side for level hanging. As the rug hangers are made of natural wood the grain and knots in the wood will differ on each piece. The rug hangers are commonly used to hang quilts, tapestries, hand woven rugs, area rugs, or blankets. To hang your rug: 1) Loosen (but do not remove) the screws on the back of the rug hanger. 2) Place the edge of the rug between the two pieces of wood. 3) Tighten the screws until the rug hanger clamps tightly to the edge of the rug. 4) Hang the rug on the wall using the tooth hangers (included on the back of the hanger) and wall mounting screws (not included) . Wall anchors are not included. As each wall is unique and may require a special type of wall anchor it is best to consult with your local hardware store for the best type of anchors for your wall.

Rustic Wooden Rug Hanger - Santa Fe Accents (36in)

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