Springer Front End Brake Caliper Side Arlington Mall Left Chrome Kit End,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,Brake,goldenarcher.net,Caliper,Front,Side,/germinally1306988.html,Left,Springer,Kit,$140,Chrome $140 Springer Front End Brake Caliper Kit Left Side Chrome Automotive Motorcycle Powersports $140 Springer Front End Brake Caliper Kit Left Side Chrome Automotive Motorcycle Powersports End,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,Brake,goldenarcher.net,Caliper,Front,Side,/germinally1306988.html,Left,Springer,Kit,$140,Chrome Springer Front End Brake Caliper Side Arlington Mall Left Chrome Kit

Springer Front End Brake Caliper Side Arlington Sales of SALE items from new works Mall Left Chrome Kit

Springer Front End Brake Caliper Kit Left Side Chrome


Springer Front End Brake Caliper Kit Left Side Chrome

Product description

Moto Iron™ Chrome Left Side Springer Brake Caliper Kit. #116-0050

  • Fits Moto Iron™ Springers, DNA, Hardbody (Mid-USA), Ultima, Bikers Choice, amp; Paughco Springers
  • Left side mounting for springer front ends (left is described while sitting on bike)
  • High performance 4 piston caliper fits on 11.5" rotor with 3/4" axle
  • Stainless steel pistons for corrosion resistance.
  • Triple chrome plated
  • This kit includes everything shown in picture amp; brake pads
  • Maintenance parts avaible from us (brake pads, seal rebuild kits, bushings)

Springer Front End Brake Caliper Kit Left Side Chrome

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