$30 Henf 41" Semi-Circular Retro Decorative Spanish Arch Wall Art Le Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Henf 41" Semi-Circular Retro Decorative Arch Wall Le Free Shipping Cheap Bargain Gift Spanish Art $30 Henf 41" Semi-Circular Retro Decorative Spanish Arch Wall Art Le Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Henf,Decorative,Art,Wall,$30,Le,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Semi-Circular,Spanish,/germinally1097588.html,Retro,goldenarcher.net,Arch,41" Henf 41" Semi-Circular Retro Decorative Arch Wall Le Free Shipping Cheap Bargain Gift Spanish Art Henf,Decorative,Art,Wall,$30,Le,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Semi-Circular,Spanish,/germinally1097588.html,Retro,goldenarcher.net,Arch,41"

Henf 41

Henf 41" Semi-Circular Retro Decorative Spanish Arch Wall Art Le


Henf 41" Semi-Circular Retro Decorative Spanish Arch Wall Art Le

Product description

Size:41.1" H x 23.82" W

Add sculpture to your home or garden wall with this 41" Semi-Circular Retro Decorative Spanish Arch Wall Art. This beautiful design evokes the classic architecture of Spain with elegant curved scroll work, and small leaf shapes throughout. The attractive antique rust finish contains brown, orange, and verdigris colors. Durable steel construction makes this perfect for use indoors or outdoors. Easily mounts to any flat surface with small built-in loop. In addition, it features retro style, which can give your home a sense of history.

1. Elegant scroll detail with Spanish architectural influence
2. Antique rust finish features brown, orange and verdigris
3. Durable steel construction will provide years of use
4. May be hung indoors or outdoors
5. Feature retro style, gives your home a sense of history

1. Material: Steel
2. Color: Gray
3. Upper Dimensions: (41.14 x 23.82 x 0.59)" / (104.5 x 60.5 x 1.5)cm (L x W x H)
4. Weight: 1.9kg / 4.19lbs
5. Style: Gardman 8400 Spanish Wall Art
6. Styling Shape: Curved Scroll Work and Small Leaf Shapes
7. Use: Hung Indoors or Out
8. Leaf: Vintage Making-replica Effect

Package Includes:
1 x Semi-circular Wall Wrought Iron Ornaments

Henf 41" Semi-Circular Retro Decorative Spanish Arch Wall Art Le

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