Fennco Styles Contemporary Award-winning store Double-Layer Design Blend Linen Natur Linen,Contemporary,$28,Double-Layer,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,/excysted1307064.html,Design,Blend,Fennco,Styles,goldenarcher.net,Natur $28 Fennco Styles Contemporary Double-Layer Design Linen Blend Natur Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $28 Fennco Styles Contemporary Double-Layer Design Linen Blend Natur Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Linen,Contemporary,$28,Double-Layer,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,/excysted1307064.html,Design,Blend,Fennco,Styles,goldenarcher.net,Natur Fennco Styles Contemporary Award-winning store Double-Layer Design Blend Linen Natur

Fennco Styles Contemporary Award-winning store Double-Layer Design Blend Linen half Natur

Fennco Styles Contemporary Double-Layer Design Linen Blend Natur


Fennco Styles Contemporary Double-Layer Design Linen Blend Natur

Product description

Size:65"x84" Tablecloth

Contemporary Double Layer Natural Tablecloth:

Brighten your tabletop with this double layer tablecloth from by Fennco Styles. This tablecloth makes for an elegant accent when combined with subtle colors and sophisticated prints or patterns. Its two-tone design and thick border help bring charm and style to your table. It can also be dressed down for more casual affairs.


  • Dimensions: 65 x 84 inches
  • Material: linen and polyester
  • Care Instructions: machine wash cold, tumble dry low, medium iron; do not bleach

Our Philosophy:

At Fennco Styles you can shop a carefully selected range of home, lifestyle and gift products. We believe our homes should be reflections of the journeys we take. Our personal spaces deserve designs with a soul, a story, and a purpose. Our lifestyle brand offers inspired living through high-quality products, exclusive designs, and timeless style. We aim to source ethically, looking for products that are made from sustainable materials and designed to last and seeking out Makers that are conscious of their impact on the environment.

Click Add To Cart to order your double layered tablecloth and curate a fun and personalized aesthetic in your home, today!

Fennco Styles Contemporary Double-Layer Design Linen Blend Natur

Caprese Skewers

These Caprese skewers are such a fun summer appetizer! Topped with a tangy balsamic glaze, they're light, flavorful, and fresh.

Last week I shared this cherry tomato pasta recipe, and now I’m onto these Caprese skewers… If you couldn’t tell, I’m having a moment with cherry tomatoes. I love how many different varieties are available at this time of year – some are round and yellow, others are oblong and speckled with red. Still others are purple, orange, and green. When I see all these shapes and colors at the farmers market or grocery store, I can never resist bringing home some of each. They’re just so darn pretty (and delicious, too!). You can toss them into a salad, top…

A food blog with fresh, zesty recipes.

Hello, we're Jeanine and Jack.

We love to eat, travel, cook, and eat some more! We create & photograph vegetarian recipes from our home in Chicago, while our shiba pups eat the kale stems that fall on the kitchen floor.

Grilled Corn on the Cob
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Nothing screams summer like grilled corn on the cob! Learn how to grill corn perfectly every time, and find inventive ideas for serving it.

Hello, we're Jeanine and Jack.

We love to eat, travel, cook, and eat some more! We create & photograph vegetarian recipes from our home in Chicago, while our shiba pups eat the kale stems that fall on the kitchen floor.