/estuarine1729045.html,VW,-,of,Pacifica,Love,Home Kitchen , Wall Art,Art,Beach,Van,$52,-,Summer,goldenarcher.net,Classic,Island,Surf $52 Pacifica Island Art Summer of Love - Classic VW Van - Beach Surf Home Kitchen Wall Art /estuarine1729045.html,VW,-,of,Pacifica,Love,Home Kitchen , Wall Art,Art,Beach,Van,$52,-,Summer,goldenarcher.net,Classic,Island,Surf Pacifica Island Art Summer of Love Surf unisex Classic Van VW Beach - $52 Pacifica Island Art Summer of Love - Classic VW Van - Beach Surf Home Kitchen Wall Art Pacifica Island Art Summer of Love Surf unisex Classic Van VW Beach -

2021 autumn and winter new Pacifica Island Art Summer of Love Surf unisex Classic Van VW Beach -

Pacifica Island Art Summer of Love - Classic VW Van - Beach Surf


Pacifica Island Art Summer of Love - Classic VW Van - Beach Surf

Product description

Size:18 x 24 in Silk Fabric Print

Pacifica Island Art uses a 100% Pure Silk Dupioni Fabric from India to produce these unique Premium Art Prints. - ABOUT THE ARTIST - Scott Westmoreland - Scott Westmoreland received a degree in art from Cal State, Fullerton in 1991. He then spent the first decade of his career as a designer and illustrator in the entertainment industry. Scott served as an artist for original posters, programs, brochures and multi-use images for major theatrical productions nation-wide, including tours and the Broadway stage. He served as a comprehensive artist for the motion picture industry and it's advertisers, as well as a regular contractor for the Walt Disney Company and MCA Universal. In 1996, Scott was asked to become a full-time Staff artist at Disney, where he created numerous marketing, merchandising and collector edition pieces, as well as countless conceptual and developmental campaigns for Michael Eisner. Scott rejoined the freelance world in 2001 where he has concentrated his efforts in the fine art arena. He signed with Sagebrush Fine Art, who publish open end paper editions of his paintings, and subsequently license the images on to many various products(currently over 50) including calendars, puzzles, wall murals, clocks, 3-D sculptures, coasters, wallpaper borders, clothing and much more. His surf, woodie car, tropical and pinup girl series have made him a recognizable name on the national art scene.

Pacifica Island Art Summer of Love - Classic VW Van - Beach Surf

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