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Personalized Baby Luxury goods High quality new Name Blanket - Luxuriously Soft Monogrammed Ba

Personalized Baby Name Blanket - Luxuriously Soft Monogrammed Ba


Personalized Baby Name Blanket - Luxuriously Soft Monogrammed Ba

This listing is for a medium weight, super soft and cozy minky type blanket. It is not a heavyweight winter blanket. The cute Elephants and Butterflies design is permanently dyed into the fibers of the blanket.

Safe to Machine Wash and Dry. Permanent design will not crack, fade or peel after multiple washings.

Every mother-to-be will be thrilled to receive this uniquely hand designed monogrammed baby blanket. If you have been searching for a great baby shower gift you need look no further. Made from premium cozy plush velvety fleece, our monogram baby blanket will caress your baby in silky soft comfort. While other baby name blankets can be irritating to your baby’s tender skin, your toddler will want to snuggle up all night with ours.

As your baby grows, our personalized minky blanket will remain a favorite. Great for a toddler’s security blanket or a nursery baby crib throw. Small blanket measures approx. 30” x 40”, Medium blanket measures approx. 50" x 60".

ALL OF OUR BLANKETS ARE HANDMADE WITH LOVE AND CARE. We personally design each and every blanket we sell, taking great pride in providing a professional and beautiful product. The custom details and name design on this blanket is a real eye catcher, and the color stays bright and vivid wash after wash. Great gift idea from grandma, aunts or cousins!

MACHINE WASHABLE EASY-CARE POLYESTER FLEECE. Stays soft and plush wash after wash. Provides warmth and superior cozy comfort for baby's tender skin. No shedding. Color does not fade with normal washing. Amazing softness for your little loved one!

Personalized Baby Name Blanket - Luxuriously Soft Monogrammed Ba

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