Popularity Lixada Right Hand Ascender for Cavin Rope 8mm-13mm Climbing Rock Popularity Lixada Right Hand Ascender for Cavin Rope 8mm-13mm Climbing Rock $25 Lixada Right Hand Ascender for 8mm-13mm Rope Rock Climbing Cavin Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation $25,for,Rope,Ascender,Right,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,/esophagoscope1729384.html,Rock,Cavin,Hand,goldenarcher.net,8mm-13mm,Climbing,Lixada $25,for,Rope,Ascender,Right,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,/esophagoscope1729384.html,Rock,Cavin,Hand,goldenarcher.net,8mm-13mm,Climbing,Lixada $25 Lixada Right Hand Ascender for 8mm-13mm Rope Rock Climbing Cavin Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation

Popularity Lixada Right Hand Ascender for 1 year warranty Cavin Rope 8mm-13mm Climbing Rock

Lixada Right Hand Ascender for 8mm-13mm Rope Rock Climbing Cavin


Lixada Right Hand Ascender for 8mm-13mm Rope Rock Climbing Cavin

Product description

Brand: Lixada
Color: Burgundy / Green / Titanium (optional)
Material: Aviation aluminum and magnesium alloy
Rope: 8-13mm
Max strength: 4KN / 880lb
Dimension: 20.5 * 9cm / 8.1 * 3.5in
Weight: 237g / 8.4oz

Package List:
1 * Ascender

Lixada Right Hand Ascender for 8mm-13mm Rope Rock Climbing Cavin

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