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Watkins Clear Double Strength Finally resale start Outlet ☆ Free Shipping Extract Vanilla Imiation Gallon

Watkins Clear Double Strength Imiation Vanilla Extract Gallon


Watkins Clear Double Strength Imiation Vanilla Extract Gallon

Product description

For wedding cakes and other baked goods that need to be pure white, turn to the choice of professional bakers. Certified Kosher. The color most often associated with vanilla is white. Ironically, vanilla is dark brown—nearly black—and tends to discolor white foods. Serious bakers who produce wedding cakes and other goods that need to be pure white need an alternative. Watkins has captured a true, rich, full-bodied vanilla flavor in a clear formula. (3.78 L/1 U.S. gallon)

Watkins Clear Double Strength Imiation Vanilla Extract Gallon

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