$38 Mini Bike Exhaust Header Pipe for: Predator 212cc, GX160 GX200, Automotive Replacement Parts Mini Complete Free Shipping Bike Exhaust Header Pipe for: Predator 212cc GX200 GX160 $38 Mini Bike Exhaust Header Pipe for: Predator 212cc, GX160 GX200, Automotive Replacement Parts Mini Complete Free Shipping Bike Exhaust Header Pipe for: Predator 212cc GX200 GX160 Bike,Predator,Header,$38,GX200,,GX160,goldenarcher.net,Pipe,212cc,,Exhaust,for:,/esophagoscope1012784.html,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Mini Bike,Predator,Header,$38,GX200,,GX160,goldenarcher.net,Pipe,212cc,,Exhaust,for:,/esophagoscope1012784.html,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Mini

Mini Complete Omaha Mall Free Shipping Bike Exhaust Header Pipe for: Predator 212cc GX200 GX160

Mini Bike Exhaust Header Pipe for: Predator 212cc, GX160 GX200,


Mini Bike Exhaust Header Pipe for: Predator 212cc, GX160 GX200,

Product description

Note:This header does not have any kind of paint. Type of material: mild steel, Uncoated Steel. Sideways exhaust Header Pipe for Predator 212cc or Predator Hemi 212cc, Gasket amp; Engine not included. 2 Lock washer and 2 nut included. 1/4" thick flange, D port... 1/8 tubing wall heavy duty. 12" long (see photos for details) Pipe Diameter. OD: 26.86mm ID: 21.70mm Good for: Mini bikes, go karts, generators... multipurpose. This is custom made iron Header. weighs around 21.00oz. Remember this is not a Muffler, is LOUD! This is not legal for the streets! * This been tested on Predator 212cc (6.5hp) Predator Hemi, and Predator 3 HP (79cc) engine from harbor freight. GX160, GX200. also tested on Powerhorse 208cc, Duromax 7HP (no tested on other engine) I think it works in all clone. please check the measurements of your flange exhaust before you buy. center hollow to hollow 1"13\16... 46mm (see photos for details)

Mini Bike Exhaust Header Pipe for: Predator 212cc, GX160 GX200,

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