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Rembrandt Charms Sterling free shipping Silver Nassau 16 Longtail on Charm a sale

Rembrandt Charms Sterling Silver Nassau Longtail Charm on a 16,


Rembrandt Charms Sterling Silver Nassau Longtail Charm on a 16,

Product description

Rembrandt Charms Sterling Silver Nassau Longtail Charm. This charm comes on a high quality 16, 18 or 20 inch box, rope or curb style chain depending on the version selected. Rembrandt Charms are timeless collectibles that capture memories, events, special occasions or emotions. Each charm tells a story. Rembrandt Charms has been designing and handcrafting charms in the United States for over 45 years.

Rembrandt Charms Sterling Silver Nassau Longtail Charm on a 16,

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