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Whiskey discount Barrel Head Dead Girl Sugar Veil Free shipping on posting reviews Half Skull Ros Skeleton

Whiskey Barrel Head Dead Girl Sugar Skull Half Skeleton Veil Ros


Whiskey Barrel Head Dead Girl Sugar Skull Half Skeleton Veil Ros

Product description

Rustic home wall art helps make the perfect addition to any room. Whether it is a piece of office décor you’re looking to add to the office or a unique piece to add to your home or bar. Our designs are a print on wood method of an authentic reclaimed barrel lid. Barrel head designs make a great wall decor for many occasions. Becoming popular as groomsmen gifts and retirement gifts we have begun a full personalized line of designs that can be fully customized to your needs. Our distillery barrels come direct from distilleries across the nation including Tennessee whiskey and Kentucky bourbon refineries. Barrel makers range from Jim Beam, , Makers Mark, and KC, among others, depending on the current supply available. Our lids are pulled straight from the barrel and have been aged with bourbon for a minimum of 4 years! Depending on if it was the top or bottom of the barrel, most heads will have a unique stamp on the front which designates its time/date/location of origin. Each piece of historically imbued wall art will embody the faint smell of aged whiskey. We take great care in crafting each barrel head and stand behind our product.

Whiskey Barrel Head Dead Girl Sugar Skull Half Skeleton Veil Ros

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