$35 Shelby Collectibles 1966 Ford GT-40 MK 2 Yellow #8 1/18 Diecast Toys Games Vehicles GT-40,/delighter1530682.html,#8,1/18,Shelby,Diecast,goldenarcher.net,Collectibles,Ford,Toys Games , Vehicles,1966,MK,$35,2,Yellow $35 Shelby Collectibles 1966 Ford GT-40 MK 2 Yellow #8 1/18 Diecast Toys Games Vehicles Shelby Collectibles 1966 Ranking TOP9 Ford GT-40 MK Yellow Diecast 1 #8 18 2 GT-40,/delighter1530682.html,#8,1/18,Shelby,Diecast,goldenarcher.net,Collectibles,Ford,Toys Games , Vehicles,1966,MK,$35,2,Yellow Shelby Collectibles 1966 Ranking TOP9 Ford GT-40 MK Yellow Diecast 1 #8 18 2

Shelby Collectibles 1966 Ranking TOP9 Ford GT-40 OFFicial mail order MK Yellow Diecast 1 #8 18 2

Shelby Collectibles 1966 Ford GT-40 MK 2 Yellow #8 1/18 Diecast


Shelby Collectibles 1966 Ford GT-40 MK 2 Yellow #8 1/18 Diecast

Product description

Brand new 1/18 scale diecast car model of 1966 Ford GT-40 MK II #8 Yellow with Black Stripes die cast model car by Shelby Collectibles SC417

Shelby Collectibles 1966 Ford GT-40 MK 2 Yellow #8 1/18 Diecast

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