/delighter1530582.html,Two-Cylinder,goldenarcher.net,Hot,Air,Balanced,Motor,,RAVPump,$95,Engine,Toys Games , Learning Education,Stirling,Sti /delighter1530582.html,Two-Cylinder,goldenarcher.net,Hot,Air,Balanced,Motor,,RAVPump,$95,Engine,Toys Games , Learning Education,Stirling,Sti RAVPump Stirling Engine Motor Balanced Two-Cylinder Hot Air Sti Max 82% OFF RAVPump Stirling Engine Motor Balanced Two-Cylinder Hot Air Sti Max 82% OFF $95 RAVPump Stirling Engine Motor, Balanced Two-Cylinder Hot Air Sti Toys Games Learning Education $95 RAVPump Stirling Engine Motor, Balanced Two-Cylinder Hot Air Sti Toys Games Learning Education

RAVPump Stirling In a popularity Engine Motor Balanced Two-Cylinder Hot Air Sti Max 82% OFF

RAVPump Stirling Engine Motor, Balanced Two-Cylinder Hot Air Sti


RAVPump Stirling Engine Motor, Balanced Two-Cylinder Hot Air Sti

Product description

Material: Aluminum Alloy + Brass + Quartz Glass
Status: Assembled (finished product)
Flywheel Size: 50 x 8mm
Speed: 2000rpm
Product Dimensions: 16.5 x 10 x 12.5cm

Package Including:

1 x Stirling Engine
2 x Alcohol Lamp
1 x LED
1 x Bulb
2 x Spare Glass Tube
2 x Spare Piston Cylinder Liner
1 x Manual

RAVPump Stirling Engine Motor, Balanced Two-Cylinder Hot Air Sti

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