Evotech,Tidy,Mo,Fender,Performance,/delighter1380882.html,fit,to,goldenarcher.net,Ducati,$154,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,Eliminator/Tail Evotech Performance Fender Eliminator Tail fit Ducati Tidy Mo to Chicago Mall $154 Evotech Performance Fender Eliminator/Tail Tidy to fit Ducati Mo Automotive Motorcycle Powersports Evotech Performance Fender Eliminator Tail fit Ducati Tidy Mo to Chicago Mall Evotech,Tidy,Mo,Fender,Performance,/delighter1380882.html,fit,to,goldenarcher.net,Ducati,$154,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,Eliminator/Tail $154 Evotech Performance Fender Eliminator/Tail Tidy to fit Ducati Mo Automotive Motorcycle Powersports

Evotech Performance Fender Eliminator Tail fit Ducati Tidy Mo to Chicago Mall half

Evotech Performance Fender Eliminator/Tail Tidy to fit Ducati Mo


Evotech Performance Fender Eliminator/Tail Tidy to fit Ducati Mo

Product description

Evotech Performance have design and manufactured a tail tidy for your Ducati Monster 1200/S/797/821. CNC machined from lightweight aircraft grade aluminium and secured in place using existing mounting points. Powder Coated black for longevity, no modifications to your bike are required. Our tail tidy retains the stock license plate light and signal lamps. No modifications to the wiring is required, simply plug and play. All required fixings are supplied in the kit.

Evotech Performance Fender Eliminator/Tail Tidy to fit Ducati Mo

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