Blade~n~Bow Band Denver Mall - Solid Key Outlander Sporran Sterling $46 Blade~n~Bow Band - Solid Sterling - Outlander Sporran Key Handmade Products Jewelry Handmade Products , Jewelry,$46,Band,-,Sporran,Sterling,Solid,-,Key,,Outlander,Blade~n~Bow,/delighter1353182.html $46 Blade~n~Bow Band - Solid Sterling - Outlander Sporran Key Handmade Products Jewelry Handmade Products , Jewelry,$46,Band,-,Sporran,Sterling,Solid,-,Key,,Outlander,Blade~n~Bow,/delighter1353182.html Blade~n~Bow Band Denver Mall - Solid Key Outlander Sporran Sterling

Blade~n~Bow Band Denver Mall New product! New type - Solid Key Outlander Sporran Sterling

Blade~n~Bow Band - Solid Sterling - Outlander Sporran Key


Blade~n~Bow Band - Solid Sterling - Outlander Sporran Key

Richly antiqued Solid Sterling that looks and feels as if it were made by a blacksmith in 1743 Scotland. Deeply textured by hand with the 1/2 round sporran key accent added to reflect the inspiration ring.

Measures a 4mm x almost 2mms and is nicely weighted 4.5-4.9 grams each.

Meticulously hand crafted rustic-one-of-a-kind genre we love to stack, mix and match. Perfect for everyday wear, solid sterling is safe for even the most sensitive of skin.

Artisan Veteran Made in USA; no two rings will ever be exactly the same. Sizes: 4.5- 9.5

*****Wider Bands like this normally require you going up 1/2 -1 whole size. Ask any jewelry shop to measure your size using a 4mm band.

Listing is for one (1) ring that ships via USPS with delivery confirmation that you can track all the way. Your ring will be made and arrive gift boxed ready for giving.

Contact me for the gold and silver rings shown last.

Made originally in 1999 for my husbands wedding band. Copyright ALL pictures, listings and designs are the sole ownership of the Artist and may not be duplicated in any form under any circumstance.

Blade~n~Bow Band - Solid Sterling - Outlander Sporran Key

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