$68 Krator Motorcycle Chrome Spike Air Cleaner Intake Filter Compati Automotive Motorcycle Powersports $68 Krator Motorcycle Chrome Spike Air Cleaner Intake Filter Compati Automotive Motorcycle Powersports Krator Motorcycle Award Chrome Spike Air Compati Cleaner Filter Intake $68,Filter,Compati,Spike,/delighter1097182.html,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,Chrome,Intake,goldenarcher.net,Cleaner,Motorcycle,Krator,Air Krator Motorcycle Award Chrome Spike Air Compati Cleaner Filter Intake $68,Filter,Compati,Spike,/delighter1097182.html,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,Chrome,Intake,goldenarcher.net,Cleaner,Motorcycle,Krator,Air

Krator Motorcycle Award Chrome Spike Air Compati Cleaner Filter sold out Intake

Krator Motorcycle Chrome Spike Air Cleaner Intake Filter Compati


Krator Motorcycle Chrome Spike Air Cleaner Intake Filter Compati

Product description


  • High Quality Chrome Billet Aluminum Cone Spike Air Cleaner Kit
  • Features an Aggressive look and Performance Gain
  • 360 Degree Slotted Spike Cover
  • Washable Filter
  • Generic Brand Filter can be replaced with a Kamp;N (KN-SP3301)


  • Color: Chrome with Red Filter
  • Material: High Quality Billet Aluminum
  • Filter Size: 4.9" Diameter and 9" Length
  • Condition: 100% Brand New


It is the installer’s responsibility to ensure that all of the fasteners (including pre-assembled) are tightened before operation of the motorcycle. We will not issue a warranty on components lost due to improper installation.

  • Professional installation is highly recommended.
  • Re-Jetting of your motorcycle will be required.
  • Warning: Spiked cone set screws must be properly tightened during installation.
    • Quarter turn set screws alternating between each screw until spiked cone is tightly secured. Lock tight is recommended

Package Includes:

  • 1x Spike Air Intake Kit (Includes adapters and hardware)
  • 1x Generic Brand Air Filter
  • Instructions not included
  • Compatible with 2004-2005 Yamaha Roadstar Midnight Warrior
  • Krator Motorcycle Chrome Spike Air Cleaner Intake Filter Compati

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