Special price for a limited time External Magnetic Antenna Adapter Cable AirCard 77 NETGEAR for goldenarcher.net,$28,for,77,/contagiosity1729233.html,AirCard,Magnetic,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,Adapter,NETGEAR,Cable,Antenna,External goldenarcher.net,$28,for,77,/contagiosity1729233.html,AirCard,Magnetic,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,Adapter,NETGEAR,Cable,Antenna,External Special price for a limited time External Magnetic Antenna Adapter Cable AirCard 77 NETGEAR for $28 External Magnetic Antenna Adapter Cable for NETGEAR AirCard 77 Cell Phones Accessories Accessories $28 External Magnetic Antenna Adapter Cable for NETGEAR AirCard 77 Cell Phones Accessories Accessories

Special price for a limited time External Award Magnetic Antenna Adapter Cable AirCard 77 NETGEAR

External Magnetic Antenna Adapter Cable for NETGEAR AirCard 77


External Magnetic Antenna Adapter Cable for NETGEAR AirCard 77

Product description

NETGEAR AirCard 778S Virgin Mobile Mingle External Magnetic Antenna 5db

The package contains 5db magnetic antenna with 5ft cable and antenna adapter cable for NETGEAR AirCard 778S Virgin Mobile Mingle. Improve signal reception and increase data transfer speed!

5DB Magnetic ANTENNA

* Connector: FME Female
* CABLE: RG174/U
* Cable Length: 5ft
* Antenna Frequency: 690~960 MHz, 1710~2170 MHz, 2500~2700 MHz
* Antenna Height: 12 inch
* Gain: 5dB
* lmpedance: 50ohm
* VSWR: 2.0:1

Antenna adapter cable for NETGEAR AirCard 778S Virgin Mobile Mingle

* Connector: FME Male
* Cable: RG316
* Impedance: 50 ohms
* Length : 20 cm

External Magnetic Antenna Adapter Cable for NETGEAR AirCard 77

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