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Weatherproof Max 53% OFF Jet Ski Cover Selling and selling Compatible Wave Yamaha with 2010-2014

Weatherproof Jet Ski Cover Compatible with 2010-2014 Yamaha Wave


Weatherproof Jet Ski Cover Compatible with 2010-2014 Yamaha Wave

Product description

Color:YELLOW And Black

The Weatherproof Shield Jet Ski cover is made from a durable all weather UV treated PolyShield material. Designed to provide effective weather protection at a fantastic value. Built-in air vents serve a dual purpose: increased air flow and protection from trapped moisture.

Fits Years: 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014

Fits SubModels: Wave Runner VX Cruiser

Vehicle Fit: Sized to length, width and height.

- Top quality 600 Denier fabric
- Covered vents make it weatherproof yet breathable
- The material is chemically treated to help prevent UV damage from the sun
- Rot resistant material
- Color: YELLOW / Black

Protects Against:
- Rain
- Snow
- Bird droppings
- Tree sap and more

Cover Construction:
- Dual built-in air vents
- 600 Denier Fabric
- Chemically treated to resist UV rays
- Fully elasticized hems to help ensure a snug fit.

What's included with the Cover:
- Built in straps to ensure that cover will stay on both on and off the trailer
- Free Storage bag

Will this fit my Jet Ski?
Yes! This cover is sized for your Jet Ski. Combine the perfect size with the elastic front and rear hems and you are getting a cover that is going to fit your Jet Ski extremely well.

Weatherproof Jet Ski Cover Compatible with 2010-2014 Yamaha Wave

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