Offex Mid Back Armless Black Chair Task Ribbed Ranking TOP8 Designer Designer,Task,Chair,Armless,Back,Ribbed,$100,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Mid,Offex,Black,,/contagiosity1097133.html Designer,Task,Chair,Armless,Back,Ribbed,$100,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Mid,Offex,Black,,/contagiosity1097133.html $100 Offex Mid Back Armless Black Ribbed Designer Task Chair Home Kitchen Furniture $100 Offex Mid Back Armless Black Ribbed Designer Task Chair Home Kitchen Furniture Offex Mid Back Armless Black Chair Task Ribbed Ranking TOP8 Designer

Offex Mid Back gift Armless Black Chair Task Ribbed Ranking TOP8 Designer

Offex Mid Back Armless Black Ribbed Designer Task Chair


Offex Mid Back Armless Black Ribbed Designer Task Chair

Product description

Contemporary Leather Office Chair. Mid-Back Design. Foam Molded Seat and Back. Chrome Border Surrounding. Swivel Seat. Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment. Chrome Base. Dual Wheel Casters. Glossy Black LeatherSoft Upholstery. LeatherSoft is leather and polyurethane for added Softness and Durability. CA117 Fire Retardant Foam. Shipping Weight: 22.4 lbs. Seat Size: 17.5"W x 16"D. Back Size: 17.5"W x 14.5"H. Seat Height: 18 - 23"H. Overall Dimensions: 18"Wx 21.5"Dx 31.25" - 36"H. Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.

Offex Mid Back Armless Black Ribbed Designer Task Chair

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