Moose Blank Skateboard Complete 7.5" Silver Trucks Shipping included Natural with Silver,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Moose,Trucks,7.5",Skateboard,$38,Natural,/catchable1558296.html,Blank,with,,Complete Moose Blank Skateboard Complete 7.5" Silver Trucks Shipping included Natural with $38 Moose Blank Skateboard Complete 7.5" Natural with Silver Trucks Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation $38 Moose Blank Skateboard Complete 7.5" Natural with Silver Trucks Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Silver,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Moose,Trucks,7.5",Skateboard,$38,Natural,/catchable1558296.html,Blank,with,,Complete

At the price of surprise Moose Blank Skateboard Complete 7.5

Moose Blank Skateboard Complete 7.5" Natural with Silver Trucks


Moose Blank Skateboard Complete 7.5" Natural with Silver Trucks

Product description

This Moose Modern Mold complete measures 7.5". Featuring Maple construction, this skateboard deck which suitable for all skill levels. Havoc trucks are made from high grade aluminum with strong axles and kingpins. 52mm 99A urethane wheels provide a smooth ride. These are perfect for both street skating and skateparks. Precision speed bearings feature a light synthetic oil, derlin crowns, and rubber serviceable shields. This Moose complete arrives un-assembled which allows for full customization and a feeling of accomplishment. Skaters love building their boards! Easy to assemble!

Moose Blank Skateboard Complete 7.5" Natural with Silver Trucks

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