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Fivebop Multi-Purpose Stainless Steel Cross Wire Round Steaming


Fivebop Multi-Purpose Stainless Steel Cross Wire Round Steaming

Product Description


Looking for a cooling rack that is sure to blow the rest out of the water with a delicious, mouthwatering batch of delicacies every time? The Fivebop Stainless Steel Cooling Rack is the ultimate addition to your baking and provides you with the best option to deliver perfectly set treats on a silver platter. Not only can you cool and decorate your treats on this stainless steel rack, but you can also prevent heat scorching on your countertops while cooling big pots of soup or hot appetizers as well as catch drips from preparing and draining fried or boiled foods.


  • COOLING: Cookies, cakes, pizza,rolls amp; bread
  • BAKE: Crispy bacon or chicken wings
  • ROAST: Beef, turkey or pork chops
  • COOK: Poultry amp; meats
  • GRILL: Healthy vegetables or fish
  • SMOKE OR BBQ ribs
  • DRY Steaks
  • USE AS A TRIVET to protect your countertop


  • 100% 304 grade stainless steel rack,heavy duty
  • 1" heigh for maximum airflow and faster cooling times
  • Ideal for Cooling,Cooking, baking, grilling or broiling
  • Easy to Clean design makes it the best part of your cooking experience
  • No coatings or treatments to prevent rust and offer long lasting superior quality.

Fivebop Multi-Purpose Stainless Steel Cross Wire Round Steaming

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