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SANDCRAFT RCR - RZR/Ranger 1000,1000s,900s,900,800, Turbo Upgrad


SANDCRAFT RCR - RZR/Ranger 1000,1000s,900s,900,800, Turbo Upgrad

Product description

Stock/OEM drivelines come with the standard non greasable u-joints that can’t take the abuse or stay lubricated to be efficient or have longevity. Replace your stock u-joints with our Upgraded greasable u-joints with the best internals, needle bearings, amp; grease that money can buy. With extreme off-road conditons: mud, water, sand etc. having a greasable u-joint gives you the ability to keep your driveline components lubricated at all times.

SANDCRAFT RCR - RZR/Ranger 1000,1000s,900s,900,800, Turbo Upgrad

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