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LoyoLady Amber Gold Velvet Curtains Drapes for Bedroom 102 inc


LoyoLady Amber Gold Velvet Curtains Drapes for Bedroom 102 inc

Product description


  • These amazing LoyoLady Room Darkening Velvet Textured Curtain Panels are your perfect home guard. Keep the light out and help to retain the warmth in winter and keep cool in the summer.
  • Solid tone to tone pattern ensure will have a uniform and dramatic look
  • Suitable for contemporary, traditional, vintage rustic, Victorian home styles


  • High performance on blocking out most light and UV rays, noise-reducing, better TV viewing, protecting your furniture, floors, and artwork from the ravages of the sun, the drapes will pay for themselves off over time
  • Actuated choices for bedroom, patio, front porch, pergola, cabana, covered patio, and living room/dining room
  • These magic curtains will darken the room perfectly and help those day sleepers to get enough relaxation and spirit, made the body more powerful.


  • These muti-functional curtains are made of durable super plush velvet material, soft, smooth, very pleasant to touch
  • Add a touch of charming style to your home with this natural look solid curtain panels, refresh and brighten your space, adorn well for your home, office, apartment, business

LoyoLady Amber Gold Velvet Curtains Drapes for Bedroom 102 inc

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