Flower of Life Silver Max 74% OFF Necklace 925 Seed Sterling Double goldenarcher.net,Seed,925,Sterling,Flower,of,Life,/catchable1306896.html,Handmade Products , Jewelry,Life,Silver,of,Necklace,,Double,$31 Flower of Life Silver Max 74% OFF Necklace 925 Seed Sterling Double $31 Flower of Life Silver Necklace, Double Seed of Life 925 Sterling Handmade Products Jewelry goldenarcher.net,Seed,925,Sterling,Flower,of,Life,/catchable1306896.html,Handmade Products , Jewelry,Life,Silver,of,Necklace,,Double,$31 $31 Flower of Life Silver Necklace, Double Seed of Life 925 Sterling Handmade Products Jewelry

Flower of overseas Life Silver Max 74% OFF Necklace 925 Seed Sterling Double

Flower of Life Silver Necklace, Double Seed of Life 925 Sterling


Flower of Life Silver Necklace, Double Seed of Life 925 Sterling

Flower of Life Silver Necklace, DOuble Seed of Life 925 Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace for Women, Sacred Geometry Spiritual Jewelry, Hippe Boho Style Meaningful Gift Idea. This delicate necklace symbolizes harmony and creation. This is the perfect gift for a woman, girl, friend, and girlfriend. This dainty necklace has a wonderful bohemian style. It would be a great addition to your collection and also a gorgeous boho chic jewelry gift. ❀ Features: ************* ✓ Made from 925 sterling silver. ✓ Elegant and meaningful ✓ For daily use and evening as well ✓ Length: 16''/ 40.5 cm or 18''/ 45.5 cm or 30''/ 76 cm. ✓ Main ornament: 1.2'' / 3 cm. All Silver items will arrive in a beautiful gift bag. ✈ Shipped with a tracking number. You can also upgrade to express shipping. Return Policy: *************** I gladly accept returns.A re-stocking fee may be deducted, according to Amazon’s return policy. ☆ About my work: ******************** My boutique is inspired by many years of traveling to the east and west, and the will to share beauty with women around me. As a spiritual seeker, I'm enchanted by meditative art in its many forms; Dance, Yoga, and craft. Thank you for visiting my shop ♥ Enjoy! Einat

Flower of Life Silver Necklace, Double Seed of Life 925 Sterling

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