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Water Pump Gifts Repair Impeller trend rank Kit For 40 HP Johnson 50 48 Evinrude

Water Pump Repair Impeller Kit For Johnson Evinrude 40 48 50 HP


Water Pump Repair Impeller Kit For Johnson Evinrude 40 48 50 HP

Product description

    This is a set of water pump repair kit for Johnson Evinrude 40 48 50 HP outboard motors. It consists of the basic rebuild tools, such as impeller, impeller key, water pump gasket, installing bolts and washer, etc, which is very convenient for outboard motors maintenance and repair. 

This is a water pump rebuild or repair kit for Johnson Evinrude 40 48 50 HP outboard motors
This water pump kit replaces OE# is 438592
Comes with needed tools including impeller, wear plate, insert cup, water pump gasket, installing bolts, etc. And it also consists of a housing
Made of high quality metal and plastic, it is durable in use
This impeller kit is developed for top performance. Come and have a try

Material: Metal, Plastic
Color: As Picture Shown
Housing Size: 11 x 8.8cm/4.3'' x 3.5''
Wear Plate Size: 11.3 x 9cm/4.4'' x 3.5''
Insert Cup Size: 8 x 3cm/3.15'' x 1.18''
Bolt Length: 3cm/1.18''
Impeller Tooth-Tooth Distance: 8cm/3.15''
Big Adapter Diameter: 3.9cm/1.54''
Package Weight: approx. 500g

Water Pump Repair Impeller Kit For Johnson Evinrude 40 48 50 HP

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