$161 Dolphin Gauges-3-3/8 Quad Mechanical Gauge Set - White Automotive Replacement Parts Dolphin Gauges-3-3 New Free Shipping 8 Quad Mechanical - Set White Gauge $161 Dolphin Gauges-3-3/8 Quad Mechanical Gauge Set - White Automotive Replacement Parts Dolphin,Gauges-3-3/8,Quad,/carpos1557670.html,Mechanical,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Gauge,$161,White,-,Set,goldenarcher.net Dolphin Gauges-3-3 New Free Shipping 8 Quad Mechanical - Set White Gauge Dolphin,Gauges-3-3/8,Quad,/carpos1557670.html,Mechanical,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Gauge,$161,White,-,Set,goldenarcher.net

Dolphin Gauges-3-3 Excellent New Free Shipping 8 Quad Mechanical - Set White Gauge

Dolphin Gauges-3-3/8 Quad Mechanical Gauge Set - White


Dolphin Gauges-3-3/8 Quad Mechanical Gauge Set - White

Product description


Dolphin Automotive Gauges feature a Convex gauge lens, air core movements, glare free lighting, polished stainless or gold bezels, and come in a choice of face colors. All Gauge Sets come with water, oil, and fuel sending units. 3-3/8" Quads Gauge sets include:* 120 M.P.H. Manual Speedometer gauge* Temperature, oil pressure, voltmeter and fuel gauges are all in one.* Mounting hardware and installation instructions.3-3/8" Quad with Mechanical Speedo - $219.00Ships in 16" x 7" x 9" Box

Dolphin Gauges-3-3/8 Quad Mechanical Gauge Set - White

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