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Silicone Intake Hose Replacement For Max 67% OFF Audi Max 66% OFF Seat Leon TT S3 Vag

Silicone Intake Hose Replacement For Audi S3 / TT Seat Leon Vag


Silicone Intake Hose Replacement For Audi S3 / TT Seat Leon Vag

Product description


Silicone Intake Hose Kit + Clamps Kit


Replacement For Audi S3 / TT SEAT Leon VAG 1.8T Dump VLV

Color: Red


Made of High Quality Silicone

For High Temperature and High Boost Application.

3-Ply Nylon for Strong Reinforcement

Full 4.5mm Thickness

Withstands Operating Temperatures from -65F to 500F Degrees Fahrenheit

Working pressure 85 PSI / Burst pressure 245 PSI

About vacuum hose

This kit also includes 2 meters vacuum hose

100% Brand New

Length: 2 meters

Inner Diameter: 4mm(0.16")

Outer Diameter: 9mm (0.35")

Operative temperature: -40 to 428F.

Working Pressure: 0.3 Mpa to 0.9 Mpa or (43.5 PSI to 130.5 PSI).

Package Includes:

1 X (Silicone Hose Kit + Clamps)

Tracking number:


Silicone Intake Hose Replacement For Audi S3 / TT Seat Leon Vag

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