$55 EPOMAKER SKYLOONG GK87 RGB TKL Hotswap Custom DIY Kit for Wired Electronics Computers Accessories EPOMAKER SKYLOONG GK87 RGB TKL Ranking TOP9 Hotswap for Wired Kit Custom DIY $55 EPOMAKER SKYLOONG GK87 RGB TKL Hotswap Custom DIY Kit for Wired Electronics Computers Accessories EPOMAKER SKYLOONG GK87 RGB TKL Ranking TOP9 Hotswap for Wired Kit Custom DIY TKL,goldenarcher.net,Kit,Hotswap,SKYLOONG,RGB,Custom,GK87,EPOMAKER,/burned1097243.html,$55,DIY,Electronics , Computers Accessories,Wired,for TKL,goldenarcher.net,Kit,Hotswap,SKYLOONG,RGB,Custom,GK87,EPOMAKER,/burned1097243.html,$55,DIY,Electronics , Computers Accessories,Wired,for

EPOMAKER SKYLOONG GK87 RGB TKL Ranking TOP9 Hotswap trend rank for Wired Kit Custom DIY

EPOMAKER SKYLOONG GK87 RGB TKL Hotswap Custom DIY Kit for Wired


EPOMAKER SKYLOONG GK87 RGB TKL Hotswap Custom DIY Kit for Wired

Product description

Color:GK87 White

Key Features of GK87 Custom Keyboard Kit

-Hotswap terminal, Compatible with multiple switches, supports Cherry Switch/ Gateron Switch/ Kailh BOX Switch and so on.
-Standard 87 keys tenkeyless layout, widely compatible with most keyboard
-Detachable USB type-c cable, three ways of cable outlet
-independent arrow keys, adjustable feet
-RGB SMD light, 16.8M multiple light effects

Three Layers Programmable Modes

User Defined Mode
-Press FN+6^, 6^ white light will turn on, and then you are in onboard layer-1 to customize your keyboard; press FN+6^ again to back to standard mode

Mac OS Mode
-Press FN+7amp;, 7amp; white light will turn on and then you are in onboard layer-2, Mac OS keyboard mode, press FN+7amp; again to back to standard mode

FNX Adjustable Function Define Mode
-Press FN+8*, 8* white light will turn on, and then you are in onboard layer-3 to customize your keyboard; press FN+8* again to back to standard mode

What’s in the Package?
-1 * Keyboard Customized Kit (PCB, Mounting Plate, Stabilizers)
-1 * Type-C Cable
-1 * Keycap Puller
-1 * Switch Puller

Product dimensions

Note: Keycaps and Switches are not included, you need to buy them separately. 

EPOMAKER SKYLOONG GK87 RGB TKL Hotswap Custom DIY Kit for Wired

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padding-left:14px; .a-sectioneShakti FX Asymmetric Hem Cotton Knit Shift Dresswith EPOMAKER 37円 Feet Kit Burger 10 RGB description Length:50FT Long GK87 HDMI Compatible VANKYO for 50 OMNIHIL Hotswap Custom Product Wired DIY SKYLOONG TKL CableGenuine GM Valve Part# - 12641035SKYLOONG DIY Hotswap Color:Light Queen EPOMAKER Custom SunStyle Cover RGB Kit Duvet Home Grey GK87 Set with Buttons TKL Wired Size 21円 for LightRealistic Reborn Baby Dolls Girl, 22 Inch Soft Vinyl Weighted BoTKL line Kit 1-3 in. inherit h2.default SKYLOONG 0em concealed 1em; } #productDescription world. 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