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vidaXL L-Shaped Sofa Bed Artificial Max 62% OFF White free Leather Loun Black and

vidaXL L-Shaped Sofa Bed Artificial Leather Black and White Loun


vidaXL L-Shaped Sofa Bed Artificial Leather Black and White Loun

Product description

This versatile, high-quality sofa bed will be perfect for unexpected overnight guests, and provides a comfortable seating space during the day.

The high-quality wood frame contributes to its sturdiness, while the thick padding adds to the comfort. This sofa bed can be converted from a sofa to a bed and back again quickly and easily. As a sofa, it allows you to choose 2 different reclining positions. You can also choose to fold down only one section of the sofa.

Featuring a contemporary design, this sofa bed will complement any decor.

  • Color: Black and white / White + black
  • Material: Wooden frame + faux leather
  • Can be easily converted to a bed
  • Sofa dimensions:
  • Sofa size (including footrest in front): 86" x 62" x 27" (L x W x H)
  • Sofa size (without footrest in front): 86" x 34" x 27" (L x W x H)
  • Backrest height: 15.7"
  • Seat height from the ground: 13"
  • Armrest height from the seat: 7.3"
  • With 2 adjustable positions
  • Bed dimensions (without armrests and footrest): 79" x 35" (L x W)
  • Fabric: Cotton: 4%, Polyester: 2%, PVC: 94%
  • vidaXL L-Shaped Sofa Bed Artificial Leather Black and White Loun

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    Pros of Nuclear Power

    • World-scale energy source
    • Low pollution energy source
    • Carbon free energy source
    • Nuclear power can be sustainable
    • Nuclear power is competetive on current markets
    • Low fuel costs

    Cons of Nuclear Power

    • Spent nuclear fuel
    • Decay heat – Issue of safety
    • High energy density – Issue of safety
    • High investment costs